Comparative Genomics of Non-Model Invertebrates

Young Researchers meet up for a Workshop in Croatia

An Early Stage Researcher (ESR) Workshop in Programming and Bioinformatics took place from 2 to 8 December in Split, Croatia. 

Organized entirely by the ESRs and for the ESRs, the Workshop aimed to develop a knowledge base to help the young researchers gain new knowledge and get one step closer to achieving their research goals. From Bash scripting, through programming with R and Python, over to sequence assembly and algorithms, the sessions covered various topics related to bioinformatics. 

Within a week full of classes, lectures, and networking, students had the great opportunity to learn new bioinformatics skills, exchange experience and share research ideas.

Lectures and hands-on exercises from the Workshop are openly available at:

We are happy to announce that we started yesterday our ESRs Programming and Bioinformatics Workshops in MedILS (Split, Croatia). Today we have Introduction to Linux and Intro to Sequence Analysis.

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— IGNITE Project (@itn_ignite) December 2, 2018


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